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$299 + your subscription
Ideal for construction machinery

The G70 is a rugged, compact and weatherproof 4G GPS tracking device with internal antennae and backup battery, offering the ability to track any asset in the most demanding conditions.

Rugged, weatherproof device

The Nylon Glass Composite housing protects against the elements. This allows the G70 to be installed internally or externally.

Integrated battery back-up

The internal battery keeps the G70 device operational during power loss for up to 6 hours at full use or 3 weeks on standby.

Flexible interface and peripheral design

Add as many of the available peripherals to the peripheral bus as desired on a single harness. The G70 also has multiple digital inputs and outputs and sensor interfaces. The battery also enables the unit to send a distress/alarm signal when power is lost and/or when power cable is cut (anti-tampering alert).