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GPS Tracking Easy, Affordable, Informative

GOFINDER™ will tailor solutions to suit your needs no matter how big or small.

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Asset Tracking


The Smartest Asset Tracking System Yet!

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Your outdoor buglar alarm


Keep unwanted hands off your trailers

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Manage Fleet Movements

Low cost, versatile and ideal for fleets of any size.

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Safeguard Your Equipment

The Oyster3 battery-powered GPS trackers with up to 10 years of battery life.

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The GOFINDER™ Difference

Personal Service & Advice

From a private owner with hundreds of happy customers.


The easy way to budget your GPS tracking from $29.95 per month*


Protect your valuable assets. Prepare for the worst by installing the best from 75c per day.

GOFINDER™ Wireless

100% coverage keeps your people and property safe, off the beaten track, in rural and remote areas.

A Network of Local Stores

Over 80 professionals providing sales, installation and after sales service.

GOFINDER™ Gold Subscriptions

Bonus months free with 24 and 36 month subscriptions.

Our Trackers

Most popular devices

GOFINDER™ Reporter

Plug-and-play OBDII GPS tracking device with backup battery for real-time vehicle and fleet management.


Robust and affordable vehicle tracking device with inputs/outputs, remote immobilization for fleet management, driver ID, driver safety and behavior monitoring, theft recovery, and more.


Next-generation of our best-selling Oyster series – Ultra-rugged GPS asset tracking device featuring 10+ years battery (5x battery life of Oyster2)

GOFINDER™ Explorer

GPS / Optional Iridium Satellite Hybrid tracking device with inputs/outputs, RS-232 Interface, Bluetooth®, and remote immobilization for fleet management, driver ID, driver safety and more.

Our Tracking Service

All the information you need at your fingertips

Double Satellites

Simultaneously uses GPS and GLONASS – double the number of satellites of standard tracking products.

Smartphone App

Smartphone applications – manage your assets on the go. Simply download our free GOFINDER™ app available on Andriod and Apple.

Location Tracking

Locate your assets in Google’s Map, Terrain or Satellite Views.

Recover Stolen Property

Quickly switch to Recovery Mode to activate real-time tracking in case of loss, theft or unauthorised use.

Service Features

See how GOFINDER™ solutions can benefit your business

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