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    Tracking System Features

    Peace of mind for about $1 per day

    GOFINDER takes the stress out of operating a small or large fleet of vehicles or assets.
    All the information you need to save money, at your fingertips.
    Software can also be customised to a client’s specific requirements.

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    alert notifications

    Alert Symbol

    Speed Alerts

    Be notified the moment a vehicle exceeds a pre–set speed limit

    Alert Symbol

    Geo Fence Alerts

    Be notified when an asset enters or leaves an area

    Alert Symbol

    Maintenance Alerts

    Never forget an oil change or tyre check again based on mileage or hours

    Alert Symbol

    Ignition Alerts

    Know the moment your assets are turned on or off

    Other Alerts include:

    After hours usage, panic button pressed, external power removed, accident/rollover detected, movement alert, low external power, or low battery power.



    Choose your favourites

    Some frequently chosen report favourites include:

    • Asset Analogue Graph
    • Asset Run Hours (by project)
    • Fleet Management Summary
    • Trip List
    • Vehicle Business Usage Summary
    • Asset List
    • Daily Run Hour Usage
    • Speeding Report
    • Trip List Data Export (GPX/KML)
    • Vehicle Logbook


    Trip Lists in tabular or map form showing one or all assets

    Fleet Managers Report summarising:

    • Overall summary of activity
    • Driving statistics by vehicle
    • Harsh driving by vehicle
    • Asset usage statistics
    • Speed analysis by vehicle including idling

    Device Input Activity

    Connect a tracker to important asset events and be notified by a system alert. Police departments use this type of feature when an officer has their lights and siren on. Towing companies, connect your boom arm to record every time a car is picked up.

    To see how this feature can be used for your fleet, give us a call on 1300 246 346


    Virtual fences that alert you when assets enter, exit or are in proximity. We love unlimited, so create as many geofences as needed. Customizable to any size, shape or time of day. Pair with reports for insightful display of your fleet.

    Tracking Map


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